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About Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves is a new venture willing to set a benchmark in the restaurant history of Tampa. We are waiting toserve with the most delicious and highest quality Indian cuisine to our esteemed customers for best price. It’s time for you to have a romantic time with Curry Leaves .We appear before you astonishingly.

To make your moments more and more joyous we are dedicating our adventure to you. Here at Curry Leaves you can celebrate the aroma of different taste, No doubt you will get addicted to this heavenly taste of Curry Leaves. We are here to bear the palanquin of taste and of tale. We are beginning our journey!

Go refreshed; get exiled into the world of taste. Walk into the palace of Curry Leaves and have our fantabulous feast like a king. Experience flood into your mouth through Arabic and fusion dishes long with bonafide Indian cuisine with Curry Leaves.

Curry leaves are shrubs or small tree which is widely used in Indian Cooking. Curry Leaves are the native of India and Sri Lanka. Curry Leaves add taste to curry. They are a rich source of folic acid and iron.

Take a journey through the wide menu of Curry Leaves. Celebrate the aroma of taste with us!!